Built Ford Tough: 2015 F-150 Torture Tested

2015 Ford F-150The F-150 has a reputation for being tough, and Ford spared no expense to keep that reputation alive in the latest 2015 F-150. Here are a few ways that the 2015 F-150 was torture tested to ensure durability in all conditions:

Seven channel input

The bed was hooked up to a machine that simulates rough terrain by sending violent movements through the leaf springs. The test is supposed to push the limits of the bed and rear suspension to the max in seven directions.

Twist Ditch

Similar to the seven channel input, but for the entire suspension. The axles get bolted to robot arms that shake violently to simulate driving on a rough road.

Engine Thermal Shock

Here, the engine is cycled back and forth between -20 and 260 degrees Fahrenheit for 400 hours.

Stone Peck Alley

This test looks like the most fun. The F-150 is driven through a long gravel road and slid around to see how the undercarriage holds up to the beating that gravel can dish out.

Davis Dam

Ford engineers loaded a trailer to the F-150′s maximum capacity and drove it up the 13 mile hill to the top of Arizona’s Union Pass.


Check out a playlist of each of these tests and more below:


Ford Driving Skills for Life Educates Teens on Safe Driving

Ford Driving Skills for LifeThe number one cause of death among teenagers today is, sadly, car accidents. Ford is working to change that statistic with the Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) National Tour.

DFSL is a free program that provides new drivers and their parents with educational information to supplement driver’s ed classes. The training focuses on speed and space management, vehicle handling, hazard recognition, and driver distraction.

Students have the opportunity to ride with a professional driver and to learn from law enforcement and safety officials.

“Inexperience is the leading cause of crashes in young drivers, and this program delivers the key skill sets that will increase their knowledge, confidence and, ultimately, their safety,” said Sue Cischke, group vice president for Sustainability, Environment, and Safety Engineering. “Ford is passionate about helping young drivers learn the rules of the road, better manage distractions behind the wheel and help make America’s roads safer for all of us.”

We at Robbie Roberson Ford love the mission of this program. Hopefully, we can get Ford’s team to come to Waycross next time they’re in Georgia.

5-Star Safety: 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon

2014 Ford Transit Connect WagonBack in August, we introduced you to the 2014 Ford Transit Connect. Now, the Transit Connect Wagon earned a 5-star Overall Vehicle Score for safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is the highest rating that a vehicle can achieve.

The new Transit Connect Wagon protects the driver and passenger by using strong body structure that’s more than half high-strength and ultrahigh-strength steel. It also implements front driver and passenger side airbags and side curtain airbags for all rows.

It also offers driver assist technologies that enhance its safety even further. Available safety features include a rear view camera as well as front and rear parking assist.

Stay tuned to our blog and new car inventory to see when you can test drive an all-new 2014 Ford Transit Connect.

About the 2014 Transit Connect Wagon

The Transit Connect Wagon has seating for 7 people and will achieve 5 more highway miles per gallon than a Toyota Sienna thanks to its selection of supremely efficient engines. It’s available with the MyKey programmable key that can be programmed by families or fleet owners alike to limit top speed, radio volume, encourage safety belt use, and restrict cell phone use on a paired compatible phone.

Ford Engine Plant Expansion will create 300 American Jobs

EcoBoost engineThe 2015 F-150 will feature the all-new 2.7L EcoBoost engine, and Ford needs to produce a lot of them since the F-150 has been America’s best-selling truck for decades. So, they’ve decided to invest $500 million into the Lima Engine Plant in Ohio to expand production of the new engine.

The investment will create 300 new jobs and upgrade the facility to support production of the engine. The 2.7L EcoBoost V6 has twin turbos and was designed to provide the power of a V8 with the efficiency of a smaller V6. In fact, 57% of F-150 orders in 2014 have been for a V6.

Ford also announced in early March that they would move production of the medium duty F-650 and F-750 trucks from Mexico to the Ohio Assembly Plant in Avon Lake.

We’re proud to see the return of American manufacturing and a thriving auto industry. Stay tuned to our blog and social media to find out when you can test drive the all-new 2015 F-150 with the EcoBoost V6 engine.

Law Enforcement Chooses the Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer based Police InterceptorIf you haven’t noticed already, the iconic Crown Victoria police cars are starting to disappear as they reach the end of their service cycles. Wondering what vehicle police forces are turning to as a replacement? The Ford Explorer based Police Interceptor Utility of course!

Last year, Ford sold 14,086 Police Interceptor Utility vehicles in addition to nearly 11,000 Taurus-based Interceptor Sedans.

The Explorer is great for law enforcement due to its sturdy unibody design, all-wheel drive, and powerful selection of V6 engines. The V8 like power of the EcoBoost version provides the fuel efficiency of a smaller V6. Combine this with all-wheel drive, this gives police added traction and higher capability than ever before. The extra storage space allows law enforcement to carry more equipment as well.

You can purchase the civilian Ford Explorer with many of the same capabilities as the police version right here at Robbie Roberson Ford. The Ford Explorer Sport packs a 3.5L EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 under the hood that generates 365 horsepower combined with all-wheel drive and a sport-tuned suspension. Test drive one soon to learn why law enforcement loves it so much!

Four Supremely Efficient Fords

40 highway miles per gallon is an important achievement for a car, and Ford offers four models that are capable of reaching or surpassing this number. Learn more about each vehicle below:

Ford Fusion HybridFusion Hybrid

47 city / 47 highway*

The Fusion Hybrid combines several fuel-saving hybrid technologies that all work together to offer such an impressive mpg number. The 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 engine works together with an electric motor and a hybrid lithium-ion battery, transferring power though an electric CVT transmission. The brakes even help recharge the battery when you’re slowing down.

Ford Fiesta SEFiesta SE EcoBoost with Fuel Economy Package

32 city / 45 highway*

The Fuel Economy Package includes a 1.0L EcoBoost engine, 15″ steel sheels, a rear decklid spoiler, and a regenerative braking system. It still offers 123 horsepower and 125 lb-ft of torque, so it definitely doesn’t compromise in the power department.

Ford Focus SEFocus SE with SFE Package

28 city / 40 highway*

The SFE Package adds 16-inch steel wheels with unique aero wheel covers, low rolling resistance tires, rear disc brakes, and a rear spoiler that all work together to enhance highway gas mileage. Add this to the efficient 2.0L Ti-VCT flex-fuel engine, and you’ve got one fuel-sipping sedan.

Ford CMAX HybridC-MAX Hybrid

45 city / 40 hwy / 43 combined*

The C-Max combines a dynamic electric motor with a 2.0L gas engine that work together to provide the maximum efficiency or horsepower needed depending on the situation. It even has an air-cooling system for the battery to maximize battery life.


Test drive these efficient vehicles at Robbie Roberson Ford in Waycross, Georgia. Your wallet will thank you later.

*EPA Estimated mileage only. Your mileage may vary.


Ford Moves Commercial Truck Production to Ohio Plant

Ford F-650 Commercial TruckLater this year, Ford will be ending production of its Econoline van. However, the Ohio factory that makes the van won’t be closing. In fact, Ford will be investing $168 million to move production of its large commercial pickup trucks from Mexico to the Ohio plant.

Currently, Ford’s large commercial pickup trucks, the F-650 and F-750 are produced in Escobedo, Mexico, but early next year, they will be moving to Avon Lake, Ohio.

This move is part of Ford’s plan to regain full control of its best-selling F-Series pickups. “We’re doing this to bring the 650-750 production in-house so that we have complete design, manufacturing and engineering control over our F-series lineup,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of the Americas, in an interview.

Once the move is final, Ford will cut its ties with Navistar, also known as the Blue Diamond Trucking Co., with which it had a partnership with in Mexico.

Here at Robbie Robinson Ford we are excited to see Ford continuing its investments here in the United States.

2015 Super Duty offers Best-In-Class Power

2015 Ford F-450 Super DutyThe Super Duty has been thoroughly updated inside and out for the 2015 model year, and came out on top of the competition in horsepower, torque, and towing capacity.

The 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel V8 has been updated as well, improving horsepower to 440 and torque up to 860 lb-ft. Combined with a stronger chassis, this allows the Super Duty to tow a maximum of 31,200 pounds. That’s more than any other truck in its class and 6,500 pounds more than the previous Super Duty.

It achieves this power through a reverse-flow layout where the exhaust is on top of the block, shortening the distance to the turbo, which produces boost faster. It also isolates the heat of the engine, keeping the intake constantly cool.

The 2015 Super Duty also sports bigger brakes and new anti-lock calibration to make sure you can get all that additional weight to stop quickly. This powerful new truck will be available at Robbie Roberson Ford soon, as it’s due to hit dealerships during Spring 2014. Stay tuned to our Super Duty inventory to learn when you can come in for a test drive!

2015 Ford Focus gets Refreshed

2015 Ford Focus 5 DoorThe world’s best selling car just got a whole lot better. Sporting a refreshed exterior and completely new interior, the 2015 Ford Focus takes safety, efficiency, and comfort to the next level.

The new Focus will be offered with an optional ultra-efficient 1.0L EcoBoost engine and 6-speed manual, an engine which earned International Engine of the Year two years in a row. The current base engine, a 2.0L GDI 4-cylinder, offers 40 highway mpg*, so plan on getting even more miles per gallon out of the EcoBoost engine.

Brand new safety technology will be offered as well. A rearview camera is standard, and optional technology like the proven Blind Spot Information System and lane-keeping system. If you drift out of a lane without the turn signal on, the Focus can alert you with steering wheel vibrations, then actively steer the car back towards the center of the lane if uncorrected.

The 2015 Focus will hit dealerships during the second half of 2014, so stay tuned to our blog to discover when you’ll be able to test drive one.

*EPA Estimated

Introducing the 2015 Ford Expedition

2015 Ford Expedition

2015 Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition has been refreshed inside and out for 2015.

New exterior styling commands attention and countless interior upgrades provide a luxurious and fun driving experience. With seating for eight, even the instrument panel and console feature redesigned controls, gauges, and displays. Rear passengers have access to an electronic rear climate control system, 12-volt power outlet, and available 110V AC outlet. The Platinum trim will have leather seats with chrome and wood accents. Available ambient lighting allows drivers to choose seven colors for the interior glow: Ice blue, orange, red, green, blue, purple, and soft blue.

The 2015 Expedition will feature a standard 3.5L V6 for the first time ever. It uses two turbochargers to provide V8 power with the efficiency of a V6. The engine has been proven in the 2015 F-150, where the prototype finished the Baja 1000 desert race and drove all the way back to Michigan without an issue.

The suspension features continuously controlled damping that makes adjustments hundreds of times per second to provide the best comfort and performance for the situation. Combined with electric power-assisted steering, these features make the Expedition the most responsive ever.

A standard rear-view camera makes parking a breeze, and available road monitoring systems such as the Blind Spot Information System and cross-traffic alert give you extra sets of eyes, boosting situational awareness and safety.

You’ll be able to test drive the new Expedition late this year, so stay tuned to our blog for further details on this advanced SUV.